Costume College 2017 – What I Wore!

If you wondered at all why it’s been so quiet around here the past month the answer is simple: Costume College!

This year was my very first time attending Costume College, the annual 3-4 day costume conference in California. And, whoo-boy, what an experience!! I had a fantastic time, met lots of awesome people, got all kinds of inspiration from both them and the classes I attended and have come home with my mind in a frenzy of possibilities for CoCo 2018 and the year in between!

But, for those of you who didn’t get to attend, you’re probably really just mostly interested in what everybody wore, right? There were so many good outfits, on a wide range of themes. However, to make things more digestible I thought I’d start with my own CoCo 2017 wardrobe.

I had 6 outfits/costumes in total. Three come from my costume closet and three were new makes.

Things kicked off properly on Thursday evening with the Pool Party. The overall theme for CoCo this year was to do with the 1960s so I paid my one homage to that at the pool party:

Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, people standing

Of course this is the only picture of me in the dress that night that I’ve been able to find, courtesy of Angela of Burnley & Trowbridge.

I hope Taylor doesn’t mind me posting this photo with her gloriously awful vintage polyester crepe/knit (or something horrendous like that) dress, lol.

This was one of the new makes, from this really nice vintage cotton crepe (yes! that was a thing! it’s lovely, why don’t we have that today!?) from my stash using a 1960s vintage Vogue designer pattern:

On Friday during the day I re-wore my pale blue cutaway front anglaise:

I made a few very minor modifications: I stitched down the cutaway fronts close to the edges, which helps them lie more smoothly; I added channels and boning to the centre back of the bodice to keep that line smooth (but used reed in them, which snapped the first time I properly sat in a chair! So those need to be replaced with something sturdier); and I tried out working some of my own hair into my wig to try and get a little more of a natural look. My technique could definitely use improvement (I’m still such a hair newbie!) but I did quite like the effect, despite it exposing my shockingly high forehead!

That evening was the Friday social. Since I believe it’s also sometimes referred to as an ice cream social (I don’t recall there being any ice cream there, but there was cake!) I thought it would be a good time to wear my Raspberry Mint Sorbet bustle dress:

Image may contain: 5 people, people smiling, wedding and indoor

This also gave me the chance to test out a new Victorian wig I’d just styled and also worked my own hair into. I feel like this one was more successful/looked better than the hedgehog.

After being fully corseted on Friday I decided to ease up and go Regency during the day on Saturday with my DAR outfit:

And I found a twin!

For the gala on Saturday night I wore my most extensive new make: a natural form-era evening gown based on the painting “The Accomplice

This will be getting its own blog post, hopefully in the not-too-distant future.

For Sunday I wore another new make with part of my gala dress: a natural form polonaise ensemble:

I think this last one may actually be my most favourite, better even than my gala dress!

Next up will be a post of some of the fabulous costumes and creations I saw this year – I wasn’t the best at taking lots of photos but I’ll show you the best of what I got!

25 thoughts on “Costume College 2017 – What I Wore!

  1. I love love love your dresses!! The natural form polonaise ensemble looks amazing and it’s so clever how it works with part of your gala dress.


    • Thank you! Natural Form is one of my very favourite Victorian fashion periods – but specifically the first half: 1876-1879 with the sweeping trains, ruffles, bows, etc, etc!


  2. You look just lovely! I really like the new natural form dress. the Raspberry and Mint is my absolute favorite, I can’t decide which is better the bottom skirt ruffle or the color combination. I would have never thought to mix and match pieces like you did with the natural form. Thanks for the idea!


  3. Being a child of the ’60’s, I can relate to the hair, makeup, earrings, dress fabric & style. All of your other creations are fabulous, as usual. I particularly like the polonaise colour combinations. Well done! I’m glad to see my creative bent continuing on in you and how it has blossomed into something magnificent.


    • Thank you! Were you at CoCo? A few of us were mentioning there that it might be a good idea for people’s badges to include their online name/handle since that’s how some are best known to others. I do plan to attend next year so maybe we’ll meet then!


    • Thank you so much! And I kept eyeing your cotton print late 18th century dress whenever I saw that, it looked fantastic!


      • Aww thanks :3 I can hardly wait to wear it again, it was so comfy!

        I also agree about having a spot on the badges for online names/handles! Maybe ribbons for “blogger” too (unless there was, I didn’t get one!)


  4. I believe I wept through this entire post. My dream is to attend Costume College, and if I had, I could have met you! (fangirl, DOWN!). So much beauty and so many beautiful humans in one place. I must lie down on my fainting couch.
    I am so glad there is a place where this happens. I am also glad you and others have generously shared your good work. Thank you so much.


    • Thank you so much, you’re so sweet! I’d heard about CoCo for several years before I was able to go, hopefully you’ll be able to as well before too long! Fair warning though – it becomes immediately addictive. I want to go every year from now on!


  5. Oooh I’ve been loving your Sorbet dress on IG and saw it across the room at the social but things are so crazy I wasn’t able to get closer. So pretty though!
    I did catch your gala dress though, my friends and I were sitting in the foyer area when you walked by and we all said at once “I love that!”


    • Thank you very much! I absolutely loved the group costume you were part of for the gala – SO COOL. And I may have bought 10 yds of the same fabric you used for your dress at Home Fabrics a couple days earlier. ;o) I had thought late 18th/early 19th century for it but your dress got me thinking Victorian, too! There was actually a bit of a run on that fabric, in that colour, the day I went so there may be a lot more of it at CoCo in years to come! lol


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