CoCo 2017 – (some of the) Awesome Costumes I Saw!

I’m probably one of the last people to finish getting the CoCo posts up but, hey, better late than never, right?

There are quite a lot of photos in this post and it still represents only a small fraction of the wonderful things and people I saw and met!

These photos were all taken by me and I’ve made the decision to not credit/tag people in them because it would take FOREVER and also because I didn’t necessarily get everyone from their absolute best angle or expression, so they may not want to be tagged, lol. If anyone particularly wants to be tagged or would prefer I remove something I’m more than happy to oblige if you could let me know!

So this is basically just like a photo album with little text, broken down into the days of Coco.

Without further ado……


I was still wrapping my head around this whole CoCo thing at the Thursday evening pool party and so this is almost my only photo from it.

Friday (Day):

Friday (Evening Social):

18th century She-Ra!!!!!!

Saturday (Day):

Saturday (Gala):


I have just a small smattering from the last day – fewer people dressed up/recovering from the gala, lol.

It was a wonderful, if overwhelming, experience – and I can’t wait until next year! I’ve already got my 3 evening outfits for next year’s theme, ‘Dressing the Royals,’ planned out! I think next year’s fabulousness is going to be cranked up to 11 with that theme!

5 thoughts on “CoCo 2017 – (some of the) Awesome Costumes I Saw!

  1. So much to love, so much made with love. The Votes for Women ladies have stolen my heart. Marja’s hand painted dress! Catherine’s beaded Regency dress! Seeing the matching types of frocks and the individual interpretations of an idea is thrilling. Seeing how everyone is taking hair and accessories to a new level, also makes me happy. I’ve enjoyed looking into the background of each pic and trying to glimpse more. I can neither sew to this level nor travel but I take great pleasure from following your and other sewing ladies many sewing adventures. Thank you for sharing


  2. Wonderful and overwhelming is right 😀 So much loveliness to see, and I missed a bunch of these! Next year is going to be even more amazing!


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