Last Year’s Cambie Dress

The dress I’m talking about today is not a new make.  I made it just over a year ago for the big bash my family threw for my Gramma’s 90th birthday (and she just turned 91 this past weekend – go Gramma!!).

This picture isn’t from the party (I don’t have any pictures from that – I really need to get some from my parents), but it is with my mom & Gramma (I actually call her grand-mamma all posh-like just for fun, she loves it) and I’m wearing the same dress – just with a little jacket I made this year to go with it.  This photo is from Mother’s Day this year.


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My Bombshell

Well, after admiring and being inspired by practically every other blogger’s Bombshell Swimsuit  (by Heather Lou of Closet Case Files) over the summer (like Lauren’s, Tasia’s, Kadiddlehopper’s, DixieDIY’s to name just a few), I finally managed to make one for myself – just in time for summer to start winding down, ha!

A rooftop pool at our building + the weather co-operating after looking like a thunderstorm might pass through + one of my best friends coming down for a visit and kindly agreeing to play photographer = poolside photoshoot.


(please be nice, I’ve just plastered pics of myself in a swimsuit onto the internets – eep!)

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Chartreuse Shorts!

Here is a 2nd shorts & top outfit post.  It’s funny, ’cause anyone who knows me knows that I usually wear full-skirted dresses and skirts.  People remark on it when I wear jeans.  However, I’ve been working on perfecting this shorts pattern because sometimes you do just wanna wear shorts. (the white pair of shorts in my first post with the Hawthorn top are ones I made last summer from this same pattern)

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Victorian Picnic by the Shore

Today I got to do something I almost never get to do: play dress-up with other people just for fun!

*Warning: this is an image-heavy post*  It would actually be really great to get some feedback about this: what do you think of the photo size?  How are they for loading? (I didn’t compress them before posting) Are there too many?  Any and all (constructive) feedback would be most appreciated!

My new-ish historical sewing friend, Sarah, invited me to come along with her and a friend, Edith, to dress in our 1880s outfits and go for a picnic.  Over May & June I had made an 1880s summer outfit for an event in July, but hadn’t gotten good photos of it yet.  I knew this would be a perfect opportunity, and who can resist a picnic on a beautiful day?  Especially since Sarah actually brought real china tea cups to drink out iced tea in (she made an earl grey iced tea with a bit of cinnamon, which was SO lovely, I made one with Lady Grey tea).

I’ll try to do a post or two more about this outfit showing the insides of the bodice, maybe featuring the bonnet, and talking more about fabrics, construction, process.  Today, it’s all about the pretty shots!

Ladies Who Lunch - Old School!

Ladies Who Lunch – Old School!

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