2017 Sewing Year in Review

This year’s sewing was definitely dominated by historical makes. There’s just always at least one event seemingly after another to sew for around here! My costume closet is getting pretty stuffed since it wasn’t just new dresses/outerwear pieces being made but also several new skirt foundations. And I’m also starting to run out of room on the hat shelves because for most of my new outfits I also made matching or coordinating hats!

Around this time last year I posted my 2017 sewing plans and I managed to complete everything on the list – and then some! (which isn’t helping with the space issue, haha)

In chronological order we have:

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Mini Gala at My House

Last weekend I hosted my first party at our lovely, historical row house here on Capitol Hill. The idea was for it to be like a mini little version of the Costume College Gala to give local people an opportunity to dress up in periods they may not usually get to (if they were so inclined) and for me to be able to make some new friends and continue getting to know others. As such, it wasn’t period specific, people were encourage to wear whatever took their fancy/don’t get to wear often/made them feel fabulous!

So I thought I’d share some of the photos taken since everyone looked so fabulous!

In keeping with the date of the house (1908) I had been on the lookout for some time for classic-looking champagne coupes and finally got a set of 12 (from I’ve already forgotten where) a month or so ago. I really wanted them in time for this party!

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New Year, New Ironing Board Cover

I know I am way, way behind with posting on here, and this post isn’t going to address that. However, after being out of the groove so long (not that I was or will likely ever be a terribly frequent blogger) I needed something quick and easy with which to get back into the habit. I have given myself the 2016 goal (I’ve never been into resolutions, but I like the idea of yearly goals, and it certainly worked in 2014 when I decided that was the year I would become a knitter!) to blog at least twice each month. It’s already 2/3 of the way through January, so expect more from me pretty soon! lol

I also used the new year and a desire for some fresh starts to replace my really, really tired ironing board. And it’s amazing how happy having a new on has made me!

My previous cover came from Ikea about 10 years ago. It was very lovely when I got it, but over the years ended up looking like this:

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