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My name is Carolyn and I’ve been sewing for about 17 years now.  It’s like a disease with me, I can’t ever seem to get enough!  I refer to fabric and sewing supplies as my substance abuse problem.

As the subtitle of my blog states, I have two sewing personalities.  First, I make most of my own clothes and for some years have been leaning a lot towards vintage and inspired sewing styles of the 40s to early 60s.  Secondly, I love historical clothing and sewing.  So, there’s the ‘normal’ sewing and the historical sewing personalities.

When I came out of my undergrad (for visual art) I wanted to be a costume designer and win an academy award.  This dream quickly faded and over time I realized what I actually wanted to be was a Dress Historian who also sometimes makes historical reconstructions.  To that end I’m currently working on a PhD in Dress History (but through an art history dept).  We’ll see how juggling a dissertation, two sewing personalities and a blog goes!

I’m originally from Toronto/GTA, Ontario, Canada, but currently live in Eastern Ontario with my husband, Andrew.

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    • Hi there, thanks very much for the link! I’ve gone and ‘liked’ them on fb, they look like a fun group who do beautiful work. I don’t know that I’d be looking to intern with them, but they’ll be very interesting to follow. Thanks again!


  1. Hi there, I could not find a contact email for you…just wondering if you do commissions? I am dying for a 1950s cocktail/prom dress but can never find a vintage one with the right measurements, but I have found some patterns. If that is something you might be interested in doing just wondering what you would charge? I am in Toronto. I can email you and am also entering my email address here with my info for you, but I will wait to hear if it’s even something you would consider? I love your work! Allison


  2. Hello there,

    Nice to meet you. I’ve been to Ontario twice to thrice and had a lovely time of it. From watching Ann of Avonlea I would like to visit Prince Edward Island; alas, that won’t be happening any time soon. I was floating around your blog looking for an email address to contact you; however, I have not found one. Therefore I’d like to ask you here about this Adelle WordPress theme, please. I just uploaded it a couple of weeks ago (and of course now I see it all over the Internet whereas I had not before). I know I am going to HAVE to pay and get access to advanced features. It looks like that is what you have done. Am I correct? How is the theme working out in your estimation, please? Thank you in advance for any comments you choose to share about this theme. It seemed very girly, vintagey to me and I liked that.

    Also, regarding the Cambie dress from Sewaholic . . . do you wear crinoline with yours? I am online this afternoon looking up (if I can find any) information about large women and crinoline. I kinda want at least one to go with some of my vintage style dresses but question whether I am too old AND too large. Now that I see you are on the Ph.D. level perhaps this is the best place I could have come to inquire. Please help with information if you can.




    • I’m really not a good person to ask about the ins and outs of blogging and its software. I’m not terribly technologically-minded. But I can tell you that I do not pay for any extra features for this blog. This is a purely recreational activity for me that I’m not about to spend money on.


  3. Exquisite Spencer. Thanks for sharing all these lovely things. But….where did you find the wonderful dress form? I’m serious, please. Thank you.


  4. Dear Carolyn It’s Alexandra Kim from the ICOM Costume Committee annual meeting; I wonder if you’d be able to send me a current email address; your Queens one was bouncing as I have some meeting related business that I wanted to email you about. with all best wishes Alexandra


  5. Carolyn…. Awesome dresses. I’m an experienced quilter, minimal garment construction experience. Love the 18th century gowns and am looking for a teacher? Tutor? Help?! Any suggestions? Like you, I’m in the DC area, near Mount Vernon. Have the American Duchess shoes, patterns, fabric, enthusiasm, but great trepidation. Can you provide suggestions? Willing to pay, and should not need tons of help…


  6. Interested to have found your site. How do I get regular posts? I found you by looking up robe en chemise. I am familiar with Elizabeth Vigee Lebrun. In the UK, Prorattire show fabulous period dress YouTube movies from medieval period onwards all modelled by the maker, a professional costume designer.


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