I Have a New Friend!

My birthday is at the end of September.  The 29th, to be exact, which is apparently the same as Jerry Lee Lewis and Madeline Kahn.  I don’t care too much about the former, but am a little tickled about the latter as Madeline Kahn is/was one of my favourite actresses.

Seriously, no one beats Madeline Kahn

I just wish I could find a clip of that sort of backwards raspberry she does at one point in Clue, I’ve always wondered how she managed that.

Anyhoo.  For my birthday this year I asked for something kinda big.  My husband, my parents, my Grandma and my in-laws all went in on it together, and I think it’s going to be both Birthday & Christmas present this year – which I am more than TOTALLY fine with.

I asked for a new Judy (dressform), and one that was an upgrade over my old one.  I’ve had my old Judy for about 15 years now and she’s one of the so-so ones you get at Fabricland.  Not actually a Diana or Singer, but something similar and similarly adjustable (although the dials on mine are different).  However, after 15 years she’s getting not only pretty worn but also rather drunk – she doesn’t stay up so well anymore.  Also, in the last few years I’ve become more aware than ever before how her proportions are just not right for me, particularly as regards waist length.  Old Judy is much too long in the waist for me….also her bust is a little too pointy.

So I decided it was time for a new one, and that it was justifiable for me to upgrade.  I didn’t think I needed to go as high up as an actual Wolf Form, but somewhere in between that and the cheap-y ones (sorry, old Judy, I do still love you).  For a while I seriously considered a Uniquely You, but wasn’t thrilled at the idea of having to perform actual surgery on my dress form as some people have done.  I encountered enough mixed reviews of it to eventually give it a pass.

In the end I decided to go with a Fabulous Fit dress form.  I meant to get the normal Studio Misses Dress Form


but there was some kind of kerfuffle somewhere and the 3/4/Half Leg Form showed up at my door instead


Oops.  I was a little dismayed at first, but after a thorough checking of certain measurements I think I may actually prefer this form as it’s a little more versatile than the classic shape.  I’m also thinking of making a cover for it without the leg definition if I want to give it a more classic sort of look, maybe for pictures sometimes.

If you’re not familiar with Fabulous Fit Forms (say that 10x fast!) they are non-adjustable (as you can probably tell) but come in a wider range of sizes than the adjustable ones.  This feature, in and of itself, is not a seller for me because I don’t fit neatly into any of their sizes.  What did it for me was that the forms come with a set of their Fabulous Fit foam pads:

The waist length of this form is as wrong for me as old Judy’s is, but with the pads I can change where the hips start to make it fit not only my size but my proportions as well.  Handily, the twill tape marking the waist is fairly easily re-positionable.  I’ve already moved mine, though I got it a little too high and will have to move it back down a bit.  In the photo you can just barely make out the pin marking where it needs to be moved back to.


Another nifty thing with getting this form is that is comes with detachable arms!  On the website it says you get AN arm, but I got TWO.  I don’t know if this is standard or I just lucked out, somehow.  The arms have a thick wire inside that makes them bendable.  They’re thinner than my own arms but should still be helpful with checking how sleeves are hanging and stuff like that.



A super-handy feature of the form itself is that you can pin directly into it, it must be made from some type of hard foam.  I didn’t expect this level of pin-ability so was pretty excited to discover this!  I did discover one silly thing about it, though.  While having the cast metal base is excellent as it is very sturdy and looks all nice – the foot pedal is entirely for looks and has no functionality!  I mis-read the description on the webpage thinking that the foot pedal was how you raised and lowered it (like on Wolf/professional forms) and was pretty keen on that feature.  No such luck, it’s just there to make it look all fancy-pants.  Ah well.  At least the wing nut isn’t the worst thing ever to have to use.

Now I just have to actually do the padding out.  I will probably do another post once I have and used the dressform for a bit, as a review for people to reference.

I also need to come up with a name for her.  At the moment she’s ‘New Judy’ which seems a little unfair to both her and ‘Old Judy’.  My dad suggested Geraldine or Beulah…..ummm…….maybe not.

9 thoughts on “I Have a New Friend!

  1. Your form looks so cool! I only have a lady valet at the moment – I’ve noticed the area between the bust and neck is so much wider and higher than my body. For example – a higher necked dress that fits me well around the collar area and shoulders, will NOT do up on my form.
    This is an area that certainly isnt adjustable no matter how much I reduce the bust measure – I wonder if its a common thing in more expensive forms. I can see on yours how it widens out from the bust to the shoulder – how squishable is the underarm area?


    • Hi there, thanks for visiting and commenting! There are so many areas where a dressform can be not right, aren’t there? I have the same problem at the neck with my old Judy too. New Judy is not squishable anywhere. For this reason I ordered one on the small side compared with my measurements, I can just pad it up with the set of pads that came with her for more bulge-y areas and use batting, in layers or of different thickness, for more subtle padding. However, I have to admit that I have not measured the neck or either the front or back width. I’m now hoping ordering the smaller size will still compensate for that! I will be blogging about it in more detail once I’ve got it padded out and will be sure to include the issue(s) you’ve raised – thanks for bringing it to my attention!


  2. I have a foam form, I love it, when I lost 80 lbs my husband ‘shaved off’ the excess, she comes with a dress cover, that I fit on myself and she is almost identical to me, it was 139 at Sew and vac


    • It can be overwhelming. And also intimidating if you’re wanting something a little on the ‘better’ side if you’re unable to check it out in-person first. I have discovered a couple little ‘quirks’ with mine, but New Judy is still far and away better than Old Judy!


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