“Tree” Intro

Between now and March 29, 2014 I have two big sewing projects going on (in addition to other small and medium/everyday ones).  These are for the annual Toronto Garrison Ball – a big military ball.  Because I’m married to a member of the Canadian Forces, I get to go!  I’ve gone three times now.


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Last Year’s Cambie Dress

The dress I’m talking about today is not a new make.  I made it just over a year ago for the big bash my family threw for my Gramma’s 90th birthday (and she just turned 91 this past weekend – go Gramma!!).

This picture isn’t from the party (I don’t have any pictures from that – I really need to get some from my parents), but it is with my mom & Gramma (I actually call her grand-mamma all posh-like just for fun, she loves it) and I’m wearing the same dress – just with a little jacket I made this year to go with it.  This photo is from Mother’s Day this year.


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My Bombshell

Well, after admiring and being inspired by practically every other blogger’s Bombshell Swimsuit  (by Heather Lou of Closet Case Files) over the summer (like Lauren’s, Tasia’s, Kadiddlehopper’s, DixieDIY’s to name just a few), I finally managed to make one for myself – just in time for summer to start winding down, ha!

A rooftop pool at our building + the weather co-operating after looking like a thunderstorm might pass through + one of my best friends coming down for a visit and kindly agreeing to play photographer = poolside photoshoot.


(please be nice, I’ve just plastered pics of myself in a swimsuit onto the internets – eep!)

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