More Summer Dresses!

Whoopsie-doodle, looks like I took an unintended summer break from blogging – but not from sewing!

It’s technically still summer until Sept 20/21, so I’m not too late to post these….right?

Here’s some more of what I’ve been wearing this summer and a bit of where I’ve been, lol.

First up is yet another modified Macaron dress. Pity it’s so washed out in this photo as it was the best one of me. This is at a winery called “The Grange”. My husband and I did a little Prince Edward County winery tour one day. If you’re ever in eastern Ontario during the summer or early fall, I HIGHLY recommend doing this! It’s a spectacularly beautiful area, and a lot of the wine is really good! We came home with…….a goodly supply. ;o)


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MMM’14 (My) Week One Round-Up (yeah, it’s really late)

My post may (heh, May, geddit? yeah, that was bad) be late, but my first week of the challenge went well.  I wore not one, not two, but 3 pieces of made-from-an-Indie-pattern clothing this week!

On Tuesday I wore this ensemble:


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Belladone Take 1

So not everything turns out to be an unbridled success, right?  That’s kinda how I feel about my first Belladone dress that I made recently.  I was pretty excited to finally make it as I’d gotten the pattern during the winter while in the UK for my research abroad trip (shipping from France to England was a lot less than to Canada).  Don’t get me wrong, It is a totally cute pattern and I’m looking forward to making more and possibly playing around with it by adding, say, a full skirt to it.  I just need to do some tweaking in order to make it fit me better – proper tweaking to the pattern rather than my already mostly finished dress.  Now, this was expected and I consider(ed) it like a wearable muslin so that’s fine.  And since I won’t be able to try this pattern again for a while, I’m going to use this post as a way of recording my notes for future use.


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