Scenes from the 2018 Jane Austen Festival, Locust Grove, KY

I didn’t take a lot of photos of the Kentucky Jane Austen Festival (wish I had got some of the pugilists!) but I did get a few and thought I’d share.

Mackenzie of Fig Leaf Patterns and I both worked on patterning for the DAR Agreeable Tyrant Exhibition catalogue. So here we are together , each in our own versions of the sleeveless spencer that I patterned from the original garment and Mackenzie digitized for printing. I just love the colour she made hers from!

Aubry and Katherine of A Fractured Fairytale and Koshka the Cat, respectively, looked just so perfect perusing the wares in the LittleBits tent shop that I had to snap a clandestine pic of them!

The adorkable Zack Pinsent of Pinsent Tailoring “outswaggering us all” in this Shocking Bad Hat!

A group photo of old friends and new before we all started to seriously melt in the heat of Saturday.

It was wonderful being at the festival with seasoned attendees who knew just how to do lunch there! This small sampling of the lovely spread was graciously brought and prepared by Aubry – thank you so much Aubry!

A quick pic of Saturday’s Promenade around the grounds. It was a really neat way to see everyone’s attire and there was so much wonderful variety!

A small sampling of the shopping set-up. It was all so picturesque, it really made you wanna spend money! Lol

I spent a lot of the weekend hanging out by the Dames a la Mode/Redthreaded tent. This was taken during an uncharacteristically slow moment – they were swamped almost the entire weekend!

This year’s theme was Persuasion in honour of the novel’s bicentennial, so there was a sizable naval presence at the festival!

I just loved the pleating on the back of Julia’s gown! I’m definitely going to have to copy this at some point! Her fabric choice is pretty great, too, isn’t it!

A super cute pic of the busy proprietesses, Taylor and Cynthia, in front of their tent.

There was a little Shetland pony driving around a tiny phaeton during the festival. It was so adorable, although I did feel a little sad for the pony having to work in that dreadful heat and humidity. I believe he did get regular lengthy breaks, though.

There was a Punch & Judy show…

And Zack gave a highly entertaining talk on dressing the Regency gentleman. You can see how popular it was – standing room only!

On Sunday afternoon I took a tour through the historic house on the grounds to get out of the heat for a bit (the house has a/c!). I got this pic from an upstairs window and think it gave a really charming view of the “high street” of the festival!

And that’s my quick tour through the 2018 JAF!

Next up – Costume College catch-up!

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