My birthday is right at the end of September and this year was a milestone/slightly depressing one (though I’m really not that fussed about it, thankfully). My actual birthday was a little over-shadowed by the wedding of very good friends in Toronto (my husband was best man and I made the wedding dress – yes, there will be a post about that in the near future *winky face*). So, I decided to throw myself a big birthday party down here in DC a couple of weeks later; and to make it even bigger and better I made it a Big Bustle Birthday Bash! The main idea was Victorian bustle dresses but I also allowed late 18th century ones so as not to be *too* restrictive.

The party was set in 2 locations. First, we had a picnic together at the National Arboretum; then cake and champagne/cocktails at my house on Capitol Hill.

It was a pretty big undertaking but it was such a blast! I highly recommend costumed birthday parties if you can get the people together for it!

So now, without further ado, I’m just going to post a whole pile of pictures of the day!

Note: Photos with the watermark “In the Long Run Designs” in the lower right-hand corner were taken by Gloria of In the Long Run Designs

All the ladies in blue:

All the ladies in plaid:

Obligatory butt/bustle shot!

Sarah and Katy looked straight out of a fashion plate together!

My dress (dedicated blog post coming soon):

This one below may be just about my favourite photo from the whole day, lol!

Mine and Leia’s colours co-ordinate so nicely – but perhaps not so surprisingly since she was borrowing one of my outfits! It appears I definitely gravitate towards certain palettes!

The company assembled at my house:

Combination stairway/obligatory bustle shot:

Have you ever thrown yourself a costumed birthday party or attended one? Did you love it? I think this might just become and annual thing for me from now on!

15 thoughts on “My BIG BUSTLE BIRTHDAY!!!!

  1. Ahhhh this looks so fun 🙂 I meant to throw myself a costume party/picnic for my birthday in May but I just didn’t get around to it. Maybe next year.


    • I’m really spoiled here in DC, there’s such a large and enthusiastic community. And some people travelled to come! But I was still really surprised and excited how much people embraced the bustle theme, most of the costuming around here is Rev War, Regency, US Civil War.


    • Tell me about it, it’s so hard up in Canada where we’re all spread out so far from each other! I’ve been so spoiled down here in DC with the large and vibrant community here – not to mention that flights within the US can be super-cheap, so makes going to events elsewhere actually do-able!

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