Red + Aqua Spring/Autumn Dress

This dress post is even more belated than the summer ones from this year as I made it back in the spring. However, since I’ve also been wearing it over fall I thought I could get away with still posting about it.

It’s actually one of my overall favourite dresses right now because it’s both so pretty and super comfortable!

It’s made of lovely soft, swishy rayon challis in an aqua/pink/red print, with solid red rayon for the accenting bands.


I used this pattern from Simplicity’s Project Runway line for the bodice, modified it slightly to have a waistband and then did my own box-pleated skirt.

Simplicity Pattern 2588 Misses Dresses


Because of how light the fabric is (and because I had the right colour already in my zipper stash) I opted for an invisible zip on this dress. And, of course, it has pockets:


Otherwise, there’s not a heck of a lot else to say about this one other than how much I enjoy wearing it. I don’t usually wear the red heels with it but I think I may need to start! The pop of red with the aqua is what really drew me to this fabric and using the solid red to accent. This is one of the very few occasions where I bought fabrics specifically to go together.


And I mentioned that I love the swishy drape of this fabric, right?


For the insides, it’s my usual bodice-only lining, made from solid red cotton voile. The hem is the fabric double folded and hand-hemming stitched in place.


As is also usual with me, the side seams are fabric selvedges, so no need to finish; with the back seam bias-bound.


I have to admit, I shied away from rayon challis the last several years because of my memories of it from the 90s, lol. But now I’m a total convert – at least for the next few years, I suppose!

Has this ever happened to you? Have you avoided fabrics for whatever reason only to decide that you love them later?

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