Mini Gala at My House

Last weekend I hosted my first party at our lovely, historical row house here on Capitol Hill. The idea was for it to be like a mini little version of the Costume College Gala to give local people an opportunity to dress up in periods they may not usually get to (if they were so inclined) and for me to be able to make some new friends and continue getting to know others. As such, it wasn’t period specific, people were encourage to wear whatever took their fancy/don’t get to wear often/made them feel fabulous!

So I thought I’d share some of the photos taken since everyone looked so fabulous!

In keeping with the date of the house (1908) I had been on the lookout for some time for classic-looking champagne coupes and finally got a set of 12 (from I’ve already forgotten where) a month or so ago. I really wanted them in time for this party!


I also brought out our little chocolate fountain


Photo by Kat

Yes, those are stained glass windows in the dining room. It’s going to be a wrench when we have to leave this house in a couple years!

And no, this isn’t all the food there ended up being – quite a bit more showed up after this, I’m still working through the left-over baking!

I didn’t make anything new for this, instead opting to wear a c.1912 style evening dress I made for a Titanic-themed dinner in 2012 (before I started the blog). I also thought it apropos that it suits the age of the house.



photo by Kat

Unfortunately, it’s gotten a little on the snug side. Good thing I’ve started running/exercising again!

Jess came in an adorable 1920s dress.


Photo by Kat

And to be fair, she wasn’t the only one who was double-fisting wine and champagne at some point.


Photo by Kat

Gloria and Mike – I loved Gloria’s Victorian Catwoman cosplay, it was fabulous!


Photo by Kat

Although my favourite may have been Glynnis’s A-mazing Robe de Style. It was just divine!


Photo by Kat


Photo by Kat


Self-portrait by Kat

Sahrye in a Victorian fancy dress costume of a raven that was really wonderful


Photo by Kat



Photo by Kat



Photo by Kat



Photo by Kat


I think this is when Taylor was showing me an image of a parrot bathing in a chocolate fountain.

Oh, and her headpiece is something new she made, a beautiful carnelian bead one to match her necklace. Hopefully she’ll be offering more like it in her shop.

Maggie’s beautiful ensemble with the jacket she cleverly eked out of 1 yd of fabric!

So much pretty!


The ever-fabulous Jenny Rose

Glynnis also had just perfect hair and hair accessories for her dress




Kat brought cards and a booklet of old games for some high-class gambling ;o) (aka, an old candy she had in her bag and a drawing of a tiara done on a napkin).

Tarisa was exquisite in her regency eveningwear


Kat’s seriously epic 1830s hair



A small-ish gathering but lots of fun (3 bottles of champagne certainly helped with that) and fantastic outfits!

Thank you so much to everyone who came and helped make this house even more beautiful!

My hope is this will be just the first of many for the remaining time I get to live in this gorgeous house!

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