2016 Summer Frock Parade – Flamingos!

While the border print dress of my last post may actually be the most beautiful dress I made this summer I do believe this one is the most fun, because:



I saw this (Michael Miller) fabric on facebook on the We Sew Retro Show Show & Tell page one day and immediately went and ordered 2 1/2 yards for myself. I HAD to have it, because:



And lookit, another border print!

Funnily enough, while the dress has a decidedly vintage kind of look to it, there’s nothing vintage here at all! The pattern is a bodice from one of my Burda magazines that I altered to have the cap shoulders (I just realized I don’t know the proper term for this, well that’s new!) and the skirt is just a rectangular length of the fabric knife pleated into the waist.


I added flat piping again, this time to the seams of the midriff band.


A close-up of the awesome fabric


A close-up of the back showing the hand-picked zipper I decided to do this time.


And while this pair of shoes wasn’t purchased specifically for this dress, it is the one they seem to go with best, and in coral suede they are equally impractical as the lavender ones. But I’m not sorry, with the lavender, corals, aquas and ivories my summer shoe collection is starting to make me think of a modernized version of this and I love it!

And the dress insides:



Once again, photography credits go to Taylor Shelby of Dames a la Mode whose coral bead necklace and earrings I’m wearing with this dress!

Have you ever seen someone else’s fabric and decided that you just had to have it too?

8 thoughts on “2016 Summer Frock Parade – Flamingos!

  1. “Have you ever seen someone else’s fabric and decided that you just had to have it too?”

    Dare I say it? “Hell yah!” Like the flamingo fabric that you own, HA HA HA HA HA!!!!

    You hit the nail on the head, this frock is DEFINITELY “fun”. It has made my day. And, did you hand pick the zipper???????

    Speaking of coveting. It was all I could do over at your other project to not ask, ahem, beg, for you to copy the bodice of the vintage pattern, come up with a price and let’s just do the dang thing. I would look mahvelous in that bodice (if I say so myself, LOL).

    Seriously, you have made me smile on two fronts today and I thank you.




    • Ha! Thank you so much! And I believe the fabric is still available if you wanted to avail yourself. Yes, the zipper on this one is hand-picked, though not as perfectly done as I might like, oh well. Which bodice pattern exactly are you referring to? I’d be happy to trace it out for you.


  2. Oh wait, another question and suggestion . . .

    You should do a tutorial, blog post about seam finishing. Yours are lovely.

    Did you bias tape the seam by the zipper before you installed the zipper? It looks so clean and neat. I like it. Please advise.




    • Yes, the centre back seam is bias-taped all the way down. It was necessary for how the bodice is constructed. I have since figured out how to sew this bodice so the lining stays free at the back and I can do a cleaner finish.

      As for tutorials, I’m sure there are already lots out there. You’d be surprised how much time a tutorial takes to put together, and I’m still so far behind on posting finished projects!


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