Summer Frock Parade 2016 – Ivory/Coral/Aqua mini print cotton lawn

So now that summer is officially over, let me start catching up on posting my summer sewing! Ha.


This is a luverly lightweight cotton lawn in a small coral & aqua floral print on an ivory background. The perfect fabric for DC summers – I want a whole closet full of cotton lawn dresses for summer here!


The bodice is a hack from this vintage pattern in my collection – altered to be sleeveless, the front cut on the fold and have a waistband:


The skirt has three sets of double box pleats in both the front and backs


Which reminds me that the dress is also a mash-up of two vintage patterns. I used this one for the skirt, only I used the front piece for both front and back – the actual pattern has a plain, A-line piece for the backs and I wanted pleats all round:


I did an exposed zipper at the back both to try and cut down on the sucrose level of this dress just a teensy bit and because I’m lazy.


I’m wearing a white cotton lawn petticoat I made earlier underneath to give the skirt just a little more fullness.



The necklace is my coral bead one with matching earrings from Dames a la Mode.


Necklace and little accent bow close-up!



And a couple of interior shots to finish off showing my (now) usual technique of lining the bodice only and with cotton lawn to keep it lightweight and cool

2016-07-20 09.16.11

2016-07-20 09.16.50

And that’s about it!

10 thoughts on “Summer Frock Parade 2016 – Ivory/Coral/Aqua mini print cotton lawn

    • Yes, I think next summer will need to be *all about* cotton voile dresses. I made a second one this year, in a different style, that became an absolute go-to on the really hot days. I have one more piece of similar voile to it and think I will need to stock up on more for next year!

      And the bodice finishing has become such as standard practice for me now that it’s nearly automatic. And because it’s *just* the bodice, pretty quick, all considering!


  1. “I did an exposed zipper at the back …because I’m lazy”. Uh, lazy is not a word I would use for any of your sewing, especially given the later picture of the beautifully finished insides of this ‘simple’ dress. Inspirational as always.
    Hoping you get a mild winter to compensate for the summer.


    • Ha! Thank you! But a machine-sewn exposed zipper really is much faster than a hand-picked one or even a lapped one, but thank you very much for the compliment! I’ve decided that I really just prefer the *feel* of a cleanly finished bodice, particularly one that’s going to lay directly against my skin in hot weather! Thank you for the mild winter wish, I hope it comes true!

      Liked by 1 person

    • Oh wow, I didn’t even think about the neckline tucks mimicking the skirt pleats! Well spotted! And I totally hear you re the pockets – I add pockets whenever I can!

      Thank you so much for your comment!


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