2016 Summer Frock Parade – Pistachio & Ivory

Next up in my Summer Frock Parade is this little number in a cute pistachio and ivory print cotton (probably a quilting cotton). It also continues with the mint/aqua and coral theme I’ve got going on this year – yes, I know, I haven’t posted anything coral yet, I’ll get there!


It’s largely inspired by this vintage dress, especially the buttoned tabs on the shoulder, although mine have the back overlapping the front rather than the reverse seen here:

1950's Floral Print Sun Dress:

I used this pattern from my vintage stash and just modified the shoulders of the bodice pieces to get the overlapping tabs. Oh, and I also modified the neck to be a little less wide/boaty:

2016-07-14 13.17.28c

These photos were spontaneously taken one day – incidentally, one day after the photos of the mint dress, so how appropriate that the pistachio dress post is one day after its’, lol – so you’re seeing me sans makeup as I normally wear little to none, totally out of laziness.


I opted out of the little bows at the waist seen on the vintage inspiration dress for fear they might be a little too twee. What do you think? Should I add them?


My husband was so not into taking photos for me at this time so I kept it quick and didn’t ask for a shot of the back, so here it is on Maddy instead:

2016-07-14 13.12.53c

The zipper is hand-picked, though perhaps not my best job of it ever.

2016-07-14 13.12.58c

A detail of the button-tab shoulders. The buttons are non-functional, just sewn through all layers:

2016-07-14 13.13.15c

I did notice that they tended to pull a little when wearing, so yesterday before putting it on (since it’s what I decided to wear yesterday) I quickly hand-stitched-in-the-ditch around the front tab:

2016-07-15 08.07.13c

A couple shots of the interior:

2016-07-14 13.14.59c

More and more I think I’m preferring pockets that extend up into the waist seam. They just stay put a lot better.

2016-07-14 13.14.48c

And we’re done!

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