Springtime on Capitol Hill – Not Sewing

Upfront disclosure: this post has nothing to do with sewing! It’s all flowers and flowering trees in my neighbourhood. Really the main reason I made this post is so my mom can show my Gramma my photos (Hi Mom! Hi Grandmama!). I was going to just post them to Facebook, but there was so many and the files are all over 1M and I didn’t feel like going to the trouble of compressing them, yadda, yadda, yadda, so here they all are.

If a boatload of flower photos don’t do it for you I won’t be the least offended if you skip this post (and I won’t even know, either, lol).

For anyone who would like to know, here’s the little backstory for these. This is my first Spring living in DC, on Capitol Hill, specifically. A few weekends ago we enjoyed some truly glorious weather and noticed a) there are a lot of flowering trees around here; b) they were pretty much at their peak; and c) they were gorgeous! So I decided to take myself for a little walk armed with my tablet to see how it did with taking photos. It did pretty well, I think!

And it was fortunate I took these when I did since by the following weekend the blooms on the trees were pretty well all done, and now they’re all just green (except for the Japanese maples, and not that I’m complaining about the green!)

So, without further ado, my heavily floral-biased view of Spring on Capitol Hill, 2016!

2016-04-16 16.06.53c

2016-04-16 15.51.46c

2016-04-16 15.51.24c

2016-04-16 15.46.31c

2016-04-16 15.36.05c

2016-04-16 15.34.36c

2016-04-16 15.34.14c

2016-04-16 15.33.36c

2016-04-16 15.33.31c

2016-04-16 15.32.53c

2016-04-16 15.32.24c

2016-04-16 15.32.02c

2016-04-16 15.31.33c

2016-04-16 15.30.02c

2016-04-16 15.29.58c

2016-04-16 15.29.24c

Obligatory kitty photo – I just loved the grey cat on the grey chair!

2016-04-16 15.28.02c

2016-04-16 15.27.19c

2016-04-16 15.26.01c

There were numerous trees with these flowers and I could. not. get over how gorgeous they were!

2016-04-16 15.25.41c

2016-04-16 15.25.33c

2016-04-16 15.25.15c

2016-04-16 15.24.11c

Picnicking at Lincoln Park

2016-04-16 15.23.20c

2016-04-16 15.22.51c

2016-04-16 15.21.26c

The first escaped balloon of the year I’ve seen!

2016-04-16 15.20.49c

2016-04-16 15.20.12c

2016-04-16 15.20.02c

2016-04-16 15.19.55c

2016-04-16 15.19.38c

2016-04-16 15.19.34c

2016-04-16 15.19.03c

2016-04-16 15.18.31c

2016-04-16 15.17.58c

2016-04-16 15.17.45c

2016-04-16 15.17.24c

2016-04-16 15.16.49c

2016-04-16 15.16.15c

2016-04-16 15.15.38c

2016-04-16 15.15.23c

2016-04-16 15.15.08c

There aren’t much in the way of lilacs down here (one of my favourites) but I did find a few trees and bushes – and sniffed them to death!

2016-04-16 15.13.40c

I didn’t manage to get a great photo of this (the sun was in the wrong position for it) but I loved the pink and white blossoms against the pink and white row houses.

2016-04-16 15.13.08c

2016-04-16 15.12.57c

2016-04-16 15.12.30c

2016-04-16 15.12.13c

2016-04-16 15.11.03c

2016-04-16 15.10.45c

2016-04-16 15.10.30c

2016-04-16 15.10.19c

2016-04-16 15.09.33c

2016-04-16 15.09.02c

2016-04-16 15.08.21c

2016-04-16 15.07.48c

2016-04-16 15.07.27c

2016-04-16 15.07.09c

2016-04-16 15.02.34c

2016-04-16 15.02.24c

2016-04-16 15.02.16c

2016-04-16 15.01.37c

2016-04-16 15.01.07c

2016-04-16 15.00.53c

To any and everyone who made it to the end -well done and I hope you enjoyed this little floral tree tour of my current neighbourhood! I hope you’re having a lovely, sunny day wherever you are!

6 thoughts on “Springtime on Capitol Hill – Not Sewing

  1. Dearest Daughter, Love it, love it, love it!! I REALLY like the light turquoise front door. I may do that after I get tired of the red door (may take some time). The profusion of bloom and colour! is magnificent. You have lilacs! and azaleas! and, and, and! Grandma-ma is going to love to see it. Love, Mom.


  2. Oh, my. Thank you, thank you. I came upon your post and fell in love with its beauty.
    DC in the spring. How glorious. Perfect timing. What a beautiful place and area that you get to call home. Most definitely on many bucket lists. Thank you for doing this. I was out of my tired and gloomy place for a few moments. Do it again. Let us live vicariously through yours eyes often.


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