New Year, New Loveseat!

My husband and I moved to Washington DC this past August for a 3 year stint. We moved from a wee 2 bedroom condo in Kingston, Ontario Canada to a rather grand historic row house on Capital Hill. We had a loveseat back in Kingston that served as our sofa, but it was a hand-me-down and getting ratty so we left it behind and just brought our pair of Ikea tub chairs (I’ll hopefully be blogging about them in a bit, too). In our new house there’s a beautiful front room, but with just the 2 chairs and a small accent table it felt kind of empty and also forced us to use the dining room table as a sitting room stand-in. We needed additional seating in the front room!

2015-12-25 10.01.23

(front room – in Christmas mode!)

We intended to get something new, but then came across an old/vintage piece at a vintage furniture/housewares store that seemed well-built, was the right size and with lines we quite liked. And for $200, we really couldn’t go wrong!

However, it too is a little on the ratty side:


So a slipcover was needed. I’ve done this sort of thing more than once before. Over 10 years ago I made a fitted slipcover for a little chair I also found used that I loved – and I still love it and the cover I made for it. I also made a slipcover for the old loveseat.

This one was surprisingly easy to make a pattern for. All I did was take large pieces of tracing paper (I get it by the roll), pin it to the individual parts of the loveseat, and trace along the upholstering “seamlines” with marker. And fortunately the seat cushion is fully separate from the whole, which made things that much easier!

I trued-up the lines a little and cut out the paper pattern pieces as-is, without adding seam allowances. I added the allowances when I cut out the fabric. I got the fabric from a very yummy store over in Arlington called Haute Fabrics. It’s a sort of discount designer home furnishings fabric store. The prices aren’t rock-bottom, but considering it’s very high-end stuff and really beautiful they’re quite reasonable. I had gotten some money for Christmas that was meant to go towards furniture and I figured this counted.

The main fabric is a pale blue cotton (or linen?) and rayon (I think) blend with a woven design of little wee ivory/pale gold/warm silver circles all over. I made the piping myself with a figured silk fabric in a cream/pale gold colour that co-ordinated with the main fabric’s pattern:

2016-02-04 10.56.40

I felt the main, blue fabric was just a little thin on its own for so I backed it with muslin to give it a little more body and substance.

And here’s how it turned out:




And while it’s not the best photo, here is the room with all the furniture together:


Although it’s not absolutely perfect, I’m pretty pleased with it! So much so that I think it will come in handy as a prop for photographing some of my other recent makes – coming soon! And I’m already thinking ahead to making another cover in a dark red for next Christmas….hmmmmm…….

Now I just need to make the slipcovers for the tub chairs – which I’ve had cut out for probably at least a year but have allowed to languish; pretty dresses are just so much more fun!

4 thoughts on “New Year, New Loveseat!

  1. Lovely re-covering of the loveseat. I love the blue – it works particularly well with the walls.
    And welcome to the DC area! While you’re here, I highly recommend making a visit to Community Forklift. It’s a little bit of a drive from the middle of the city, but it’s well worth it when looking for pieces for your house.


    • Hello, thank you for the kind welcome! I also really like the contrast between the soft blue and the yellow walls. Something I’ll have to keep in mind when we’ve got our own house that I can paint! And thank you for the store recommendation, I’ll have to try them if/when we decide there’s another void to fill in here.


  2. That looks very smart. I haven’t had to make covers for a while as our old lounge finally had to head to furniture heaven. What surprised me was that the original linen, where not worn away with nearly 50 years of use was still completely sound. Well worth investing in good quality fabric.


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