Illustration Imitation: Houndstooth McCalls 6566

A few years ago I discovered something really fun (at least I think it’s fun!): I had this early 60s pattern:

McCalls 6566

and this fabric:


For the longest time I thought it was just wool, but while working with it I started to think it may be mixed with raw silk. A very luxurious textile either way, and another great thrift store find!

You see where I’m going with this? Yep, I put them together:


As you can see it’s not an exact copy. I didn’t have quite enough yardage for the sleeves, but the wool (possibly silk blend) is scratchy and lining sleeves of this fabric would have made for bulky sleeves. So I’m ok with sleeveless worn with comfy knit tops underneath. This also means I have the option to add colour with tops!


I’m very delayed in posting this, I made it ….oh….. in March? April? And took photos in early May? So this is my 2015 contribution to my “Canadian Spring” wardrobe. I should also be able to wear it through much of winter as well.


I really like how chic this piece is. I don’t make a lot of “chic” clothes, so I’m quite happy with this addition, I think/hope it will be very versatile.


I think, however, that I’ll normally wear it with a narrower black belt I have, I think this wide one is too much for my super short-waisted-ness. But it matches the pattern envelope!


Look at that flawless pattern matching along the skirt back seam! Ignore the less than flawless result on the bodice! Oh well. Can’t win ’em all.


A couple views of the inside to show my finishing techniques:



Although using the houndstooth for the neck and armhole facings looks nice, turns out it wasn’t the most practical decision. The fabric is so scratchy that I’m always going to make sure I wear a top underneath that covers those parts and provides a full barrier between it and my skin. Oh well, I still really like it!

Have you ever tried copying a pattern envelope illustration?

After discovering this match-up between pattern and fabric in my stash I started looking for others and found a few more. So I’m thinking of making this kind of a thing. But I think I need a better moniker for it than “Illustration Imitation”, what do you think? Any ideas? Please?!

3 thoughts on “Illustration Imitation: Houndstooth McCalls 6566

  1. What a great idea! As soon as I saw your post, I went looking on Etsy for a copy of the pattern…I hope that mine comes out half as nice as yours 🙂 Pat, sewing sporadically in Ottawa


  2. Love houndstooth. Have you tried soaking the fabric in cool water and hair conditioner, the sort you may already use for your hair? It’s a knitter’s trick for countering scratchy wools.


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