Online Sewing-Stuff Yardsale Extravaganza!!

This past June I had occasion to do a pretty significant purge of my sewing paraphernalia. For the past several years I’d been renting a room in back of a sewing machine sale & repair shop as my sewing “studio” (more like windowless-hole-in-the-wall, but it did the trick at the time!). However, the building was sold this spring, I knew I wouldn’t be able to find another such arrangement and I was already tired of travelling to sew anyway. Thus, everything was “repatriated” to our condo. It’s not a bad-sized condo, but it’s not a house either. While I knew I’d never be able to make the sewing stuff invisible, I was determined it should be as unobtrusive as possible. This meant a serious purge was needed – something I think is a good and healthy thing to do periodically anyhow and I was overdue.

Long story short, my loss may be your gain!

There hasn’t been much crappy stuff in my stash for years now, so I felt that what’s been purged was too good to go right into the donation bin. I wanted to try and find good homes for as much of it as possible and also try to recoup a small fraction of what I’d spent on it over the years accumulating it. I have an old etsy storefront, so I’m using for an online yard sale, and you can go check it out here.

There’s different kinds of treasures, such as:

Vintage Patterns

HOLD Vintage early 1960s sewing pattern McCalls 6670 sz 14 - 34 bust

listing for this one here

Burda Magazine back issues

Burda sewing magazine June 2008. In English


Black and purple jaquard fabric yardage

listing for this one here

A few notions and trims

Button assortment!

listing for these guys here

And I still have some unused modern Vogue patterns to list and a few pieces of me-made & vintage clothing.

Go check it out – and tell your friends!

I’m not keeping the listings up until everything sells, only for a month or so – I need this stuff outta here. Whatever doesn’t sell will be donated, so if you see something that catches your eye, don’t wait too long on it.

Happy treasure hunting!


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