More Summer Dresses!

Whoopsie-doodle, looks like I took an unintended summer break from blogging – but not from sewing!

It’s technically still summer until Sept 20/21, so I’m not too late to post these….right?

Here’s some more of what I’ve been wearing this summer and a bit of where I’ve been, lol.

First up is yet another modified Macaron dress. Pity it’s so washed out in this photo as it was the best one of me. This is at a winery called “The Grange”. My husband and I did a little Prince Edward County winery tour one day. If you’re ever in eastern Ontario during the summer or early fall, I HIGHLY recommend doing this! It’s a spectacularly beautiful area, and a lot of the wine is really good! We came home with…….a goodly supply. ;o)


You can see the colours/patterns better in this shot of the back.


I do have some better photos of the front, but they’re kinda part of another post topic, possibly my next one – I started a new hobby this year ;o)

That behind me, in the photo below, is Chateau Laurier, which means we were in Ottawa. We spent a lovely quick visit to the city and some friends we hadn’t seen in a while. And I was able to re-stock on some tea at one of my favourite suppliers. They used to be in Kingston but closed a couple years ago (and there’s now a frozen yogurt place called “Menchies” – scowl-y face – in its stead).

You can’t tell from this photo, but……

2014-07-18 14.52.09

It’s a Belladone! Since last summer I’d wanted to try it out with a full skirt. Me likey! This is actually the second one I made like this, the first is down below – it got photographed later.

2014-07-18 14.52.19

Hey – who put the edge of that sidewalk there?

2014-07-18 14.51.24

A few weeks later I spent some time in Quebec City with my husband, Andrew. This is another modified Macaron, a la this Modcloth inspiration:

Puppies at Play Dress | Mod Retro Vintage Dresses |

I’ve made this  before, but wanted to try it with my go-to gathered skirt (which I actually do with my ruffler foot).


This dress represents one of those very very rare occasions when I purchased fabric specifically for it. I saw these two fabrics at Fabricland one day early in the summer and just KNEW they’d be perfect for this dress. And I was right! I really love this dress!


This is also Quebec City, but around about the suburb of Ste Foy. This specific little area is called Cap Rouge as it’s at the mouth of the Rouge River. It’s a really cute little heritage-y hamlet with a neat history. This was the site of an early French settlement – and I mean crazy early, like 1530s! Apparently it lasted only a few months.  They did one winter here and then left, I’m somehow not surprised by this.


This is the first full-skirted belladone I made. I used this great vintage or vintage-looking lightweight cotton that I found at Value Village. I didn’t buy it knowing I’d make this dress, but it was purchased the same day as the fabric for the previous dress. And I made this dress sometime in July, which means it was another super quick turn-around for me! Usually I make stuff from fabric I’ve had for years and years.


There are still a couple more dresses I made this summer that haven’t been photographed yet. Maybe I’ll try and get at least one done this weekend. Andrew may be home for the weekend, I can try and rope him into being photographer again – he loves that (that was sarcasm).

How was you summer for sewing? Does this tend to be a productive time for you, inspired by the weather to make sundresses, shorts, Tee’s, swimsuits, what-have-you? Or are you too busy having fun in the sun to get much done? (heehee, see what I did there? Now, no more rhymes now I mean it….anybody want a peanut?)

6 thoughts on “More Summer Dresses!

  1. Beautiful dresses! Thanks for sharing! I only got two dresses made this summer, but they were of special fabrics which I was able to purchase with a gift card! One was black linen with white/silver embroidery, and the other was made of a cream knitted net, with matching shawl (and to-die-for lace trim).Keep your great pictures coming! And the rhymes. 🙂


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