MMM’14 (My) Week One Round-Up (yeah, it’s really late)

My post may (heh, May, geddit? yeah, that was bad) be late, but my first week of the challenge went well.  I wore not one, not two, but 3 pieces of made-from-an-Indie-pattern clothing this week!

On Tuesday I wore this ensemble:


Both pieces are made from Colette patterns.  The blouse is a washed dupioni silk Sencha (version 1) and the skirt is the more recent Zinnia (version 2) in a black wool/lycra blend.


I made the blouse a little over a year ago while I was in the UK, where I got the great big shell buttons I put on the back!  I made the skirt a few weeks ago when I realized I lacked the basic of a black skirt.


To be honest, I haven’t been in love with this blouse, but I really like it with this skirt!  I also really like the skirt, so hopefully there will be more options to wear the blouse with in the not-too-distant-future, lol.

The 3rd piece this week for my challenge got worn on Saturday, my Belladone dress from Deer&Doe that I made last summer.  Yep – Tuesday I was still wearing tights (and a little chilly taking photos without a sweater) and by Saturday I was wearing a summer dress and barelegged.  Actually, the bare legs started on Wednesday – I started walking home after a day of exhibition work and had to stop into a coffee shop for something cold to drink (iced tea) and to take off my tights ’cause it was just too warm!  That first day going bare legged was awesome!! It also ended up being my first day to feel up the new grass with bare feet, lol.

So anyway, these photos were taken at the end of the day (tired), no makeup or anything.  I’m going to try and avoid no makeup photos from now on.  As for the rest of the outfit, in case you’re wondering, the cardigan is Dream of the Crop from Modcloth (I have it in black also but do wish they’d have more colours of these, I love them and am actually willing to buy cute little cardis….for now), the shoes are thrifted (I still can’t call 80s stuff “vintage”) and I made the necklace myself with a vintage enamel brooch as the flower.  Too bad the little red polka dots on the flower don’t show up too well, they make it really cute and fun.


I did have a great little experience in this outfit. Earlier in the day I had to get a few groceries and while walking to the store a woman doing yardwork in front of her house called out to me from across the street to tell me how much she liked my outfit!  What a great boost to an already pretty good day!


I got silly with a couple of the photos – can anyone tell me how to make a gif (is that it?) from these last two photos? heehee



The reason I’m late posting these is that I spent the whole weekend sewing.  I managed to get through 2 Elisalex dresses!  And I can confidently say I’ve found a new favourite pattern – but more on that for the next MMM’14 post – which will hopefully be on time.

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