My Bombshell

Well, after admiring and being inspired by practically every other blogger’s Bombshell Swimsuit  (by Heather Lou of Closet Case Files) over the summer (like Lauren’s, Tasia’s, Kadiddlehopper’s, DixieDIY’s to name just a few), I finally managed to make one for myself – just in time for summer to start winding down, ha!

A rooftop pool at our building + the weather co-operating after looking like a thunderstorm might pass through + one of my best friends coming down for a visit and kindly agreeing to play photographer = poolside photoshoot.


(please be nice, I’ve just plastered pics of myself in a swimsuit onto the internets – eep!)


And of course, you can’t tell that I had my hair done earlier that day (yesterday) since it turned out pretty windy on the roof.  Oh well.


Anyway, this is SUCH a fun suit to wear, and so comfortable!  You don’t feel you have to worry about any…mishaps, lol.  I do see that I’m getting a little bit of saggy-bottom going on at the back, perhaps I’ll take in the centre back seam a tad to taughten up those gathers.  I may also make the elastic around the top of the suit a little snugger next time I make this – and there WILL be a next time.  While it feels good and snug around the back, I might like it just a wee bit more so across the front – it’s not an issue with the pattern itself, just something I needed to figure out for myself.


Ok, maybe the elastic is a little too snug around the back and I should move some ease from the front to the back.  Or actually start spending time in the pool!


I guess a poolside photoshoot wouldn’t really be complete without a shot IN the pool, so here goes (please note it was not the hottest day yesterday, and while the water temp did end up being nice, it took a while for it to feel that way!)


My friend just kept telling me: “Remember, you’re doing this for art!”  Yeah, thanks.

Anyway, this pattern goes together really well, quite easily, and fairly quickly.  I put this together over a  couple of days, and that was partially because my sewing machine & serger are not living together at the moment so I had to travel a bit between them.  Next time I make one it should take only a few hours to whip up.  The fussiest part is at the beginning doing all the gathering for the ruched side and centre back seams.  I took Tasia’s advice and followed the sewalong for this, and I’m really glad I did.  The pattern instructions are perfectly fine, but there’s just that little bit more detail in the sewalong that makes things go really smoothly.  Also, the sewalong includes advice on how to add foam cups into the swimsuit (one more element I happily just happened to have lying around).  I’m very glad I added them in, and would just use slightly firmer and perhaps slightly padded ones next time, to have just that little bit more definition up there.


So there you have it.  To anybody reading this who has made one of these already – I’m sure excited to join the club!  To anyone who hasn’t – it’s totally worth it!  You’ll love it!  And I’ve just been told it’s supposed to warm up again for the weekend, so hopefully I’ll get another chance to strut my stuff in this soon!

14 thoughts on “My Bombshell

  1. Hubba! Hubba! I love the “Bombshell” – the suit too!! The colour is perfect for you. The neckline reminds me of a certain wedding dress; and the rushing is very flattering for almost any figure. I agree about the foam cups, though. Something with some more definition may be required. But, having said that, the suit looks great on you.


  2. I love the colour and the style. Why can I not find something like this among the thousands of suits I’ve looked at in stores?


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