Chartreuse Shorts!

Here is a 2nd shorts & top outfit post.  It’s funny, ’cause anyone who knows me knows that I usually wear full-skirted dresses and skirts.  People remark on it when I wear jeans.  However, I’ve been working on perfecting this shorts pattern because sometimes you do just wanna wear shorts. (the white pair of shorts in my first post with the Hawthorn top are ones I made last summer from this same pattern)


And check out that colour!  I have CHARTREUSE shorts!  Not only that, but there’s a sort of funny story behind that fabric.  See, I don’t keep my sewing paraphernalia in my home.  Until recently, I wasn’t sewing at home either.  I rent a space – in back of a sewing machine store! – for my sewing.  One day a few years ago I went in and the store owner, Eric, told me someone had left something for me.  It was a pile of fabric – the very same fabric from which I recently made the 1880s outfit of the previous post.  There was no note or message, no name given by the person who left it, nothing.  I don’t know that many people here in Kingston, I have NO IDEA who left this fabric, though they left it for me by name.  WEIRD.  But, who am I to look gift-fabric in the mouth, right?  So anyway, a month or so ago – the exact same thing happened again!  This time, it was more home dec-type stuff.  This chartreuse  upholstery weight-ish linen-like cotton was one of the fabrics.  Apparently, I have a fairy fabric mother.  (Ask me sometime what my plans are for the mustard yellow cotton velvet that was left, muahahahaha).

The shorts are from this early 1960s pattern; I made view ‘C’.  I have tweaked this pattern quite a bit between last summer and this year to try and perfect the fit.  I think I’m nearly there!

McCall's 5263

The actual construction is really easy and quick, I can have a pair of these made up in afternoon.  They have a side zip and button on the waistband.  On this pair I did a lapped zipper because they’re quick and easy to do & look pretty good.  Also, I didn’t have an invisible zipper in the right colour and am trying to work through the scads of regular zippers, both vintage and new, that I’ve accumulated over the past couple years.

I’m wondering if the waist is still a little too high, what do you think?


From the side:


And the back (my least favourite view):


Yes, I know, I need to get my haircut fixed up, it has been 3 months since I got it done.

I used lime green bias binding to finish the seams.  This made me very happy as I’d had that stuff sitting around for ages.  I’m pretty sure it’s vintage as it’s a nice soft cotton.  I do love vintage bias binding!  I used a fusible interfacing in the waistband to beef it up a little, however I think I need to either cut down the waist seam allowances, grade them, or make them the same with as the waistband itself because I’m already getting a ridge along it.  Boo.


I used these to get more practise on my new blind hemming machine, the hems turned out alright, not perfect.


What is perfect is this little button for the waist tab!  I was really excited to find this in my odd & sods button stash:



The top is also a new make, also from a pattern I’ve used before – SEVERAL times.  This is so far my favourite knit top pattern.  It’s from a Burda magazine (back when it was still Burda World of Fashion, BWOF for short), issue 04/2005 pattern #112.  The online magazine archive only goes back to 2009, and I couldn’t find any images through a google search, so sorry.  It’s one of those twist front ones and this will be the……..8th? one I’ve made.  One I gave away as it turned out too tight because of the knit I used (not super stretchy) and one, um, caught fire and had to be disposed of.  But I still have versions in black, red, grey, dark brown and coral/peach.  I have a pink one and a soft pale blue waiting in the wings.  I really love that this pattern is both so quick (from cutting to finishing, about 2 hrs) and so pretty.  This was my first time making it in a print (a rayon jersey remnant from Fabricland) and I’m really pleased with how changing up the direction of the print turned out.

Now back to the shorts fabric a minute.  The chartreuse fabric was the longest piece at 6.3m, I used about 0.6m for the shorts, so that leaves me with…..5.7m.  What should I do with it!?

7 thoughts on “Chartreuse Shorts!

    • It was really stupid. I got something on it while staying at a hotel a couple years ago. I washed the spot out in the sink in the room, then draped it over a light to dry. It was one of those super hot little ones (shoot, what are those called again?) and I started smelling smoke. I took it off the light and a flame started. I tossed it back in the sink and all was fine, I guess the smoke detectors were in the hallway because they didn’t even go off.


  1. I don’t think the shorts are too highwaisted. I think you have a good 2 to 1 proportion there.

    As for the rest, how about a nice summer dress? Or maybe a long winter coat.


    • Thanks so much for the feedback! This fabric won’t do for a winter coat where I live (Canada) and I’ve got pieces of wool coating lined up for something like 3 winter coats already (and a fall UFO coat I want to finish this year). However, your suggestion about a summer dress has reminded me of a pattern I have that I really want to make that would eat up a good amount of yardage and I think would look great in this colour, so thanks also for that!


  2. I think the proportion of the shorts is perfect.

    I love the idea of a fabric godmother. Perhaps I should adopt someone to help reduce my overflowing stash.

    What about a jean-jacket for some of the remaining chartreuse fabric?


    • Thanks for the validation! And I’m sure it wouldn’t be TOO hard to find a recipient for help with an overflowing stash, lol. I think the jean-jacket idea would look great in this fabric, it’s just not so much my style. Thanks so much for taking the time to comment, I really appreciate it!


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